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Bubbletech - Limited Warranty

Bubbletech hereby warrants to the beneficiary that the geomembrane sold is free from manufacturing defects for one year from the date of sale and to be able to withstand normal weathering for a period of 5 years from the date of sale for normal use in accordance with Bubbletech’s recommendations.

This warranty does not include damages or defects in the geomembrane resulting from acts of God, casualty or catastrophe including but not limited to: earthquakes, floods, piercing hail, tornadoes or force majeure.  The warranty does not include damage by machinery, equipment, people or animals, excessive pressure or stresses from any source, improper application and improper operation and maintenance.  This warranty is not transferable and is valid provided that Bubbletech receives proof of purchase and a receipt.  

Should defects or premature loss of use within the scope of the above warranty occur, Bubbletech will, at its option, repair or replace the geomembrane on a pro-rata basis at the then current price in such a manner as to charge the beneficiary only for that portion of the warranted life which has elapsed since the date of sale in accordance with the schedule below:

Bubbletech shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, specific or consequential damages of any kind.


The manufacturer is not liable nor accepts responsibility for ordinary wear and tear. In addition, this warranty will be void if the customer:

  • Fails to comply with the manufacturers installation instructions
  • Fails to comply with the manufacturers Cover Guide (available to be downloaded from the Bubbletech website)
  • Subjects the cover to conditions which may result in tears, cuts or damage.
  • Stores the cover at temperatures above 45 degrees Celsius
  • Leaves the cover rolled or folded exposed to direct sunlight or never removes off pool  
  • Dose not clean the cover before storage
  • Maintains a higher than normal chemical and HP levels
  • Doesn’t remove the cover when dosing the pool with chemicals or substances
  • Damage is caused by handling, freighting or transportation


The Solar Pool Cover is manufactured from plastic material and in common with most plastics that are exposed to the elements, can be expected to deteriorate with age.



The Bubbletech Pool Cover is not a safety cover. It is not designed to support people or animals. Do not swim under the cover as it adheres tightly to the pool surface by suction, this suction will create a risk of drowning if trapped under or in the cover. The Cover Guide can be downloaded free of charge on the www.Bubbletech.com.au website. Bubbletech will not be held liable for any loss of life or consequential damages that are incurred though the use of our products. 


1 – The replacement cost of the cover is calculated based on the current recommended retail price (not the purchase price). Current recommended retail prices can be viewed on the Bubbletech website. www.bubbletech.com.au.

2 - For any products purchased through sub dealers the warranty must go through the original place of purchase.

3 –The intended use of the cover is spring and summer;   for the purpose of this warranty one year = 6 months or 1 season.


Warranty Process

Bubbletech’s warranty becomes an obligation of Bubbletech to perform under the warranty only upon receipt of payment.

Claims under this warranty must be made in writing and in the first instance a photo of the faulty geomembrane must be provided. Bubbletech may request the cover for examination to determine the cause of the failure, and if it is covered by this warranty.  Bubbletech will not be liable for any freight or transportation cost incurred for any claims and replacements.  Warranty will be void if the beneficiary is unable to send the whole cover to Bubbletech headquarters, if required by Bubbletech, for further analysis.

Bubbletech shall not be obliged to perform repairs or replacements under this warranty unless and until the area to be repaired or replaced is clean, dry and unencumbered, including being free from all water, dirt, sludge, residuals and liquids of any kind.  If after inspection it is determined that there is no claim under this warranty the Beneficiary shall reimburse Bubbletech for its costs associated with the site inspection and product analysis.




About Bubbletech

Bubbletech has been a house hold name for over 12 years. In celebration we are slashing our prices. In the past Bubbletech has gone through extensive business development and relaunch.

Bubbletech strives for the best quality and service within the industry. Bubbletech is proudly Australian owned and operated company with a local work force that specializes in plastic welding.

Bubbletech is a supplier of Plastipack Geobubble™ cover materials in Australia.

About GeoBubble™

Geobubble Pool CoversIt is a new innovative and patented swimming pool bubble cover material created through research and development by Plastipack, that is scientifically designed to improve the lifespan of the material.

GeoBubble™ is specifically developed for use in swimming pools meaning the design has multiple benefits in comparison to traditional bubble material shapes.

For more information please go visit www.geobubble.co.uk

GeoBubble™ Technology

  • Designed for the harsh Australian climate to help protect your swimming pool
  • Developed in collaboration with two UK universities by Plastipack
  • Save money, time and reduce the carbon footprint of your pool
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Helps to reduce the use of chemicals in your pool