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Swimming Pool Covers Online

At Bubbletech our aim is to provide you with the best swimming pool covers available online. Countless hours of research from Plastipack has gone into the creation of the Geobubble™ technology which uses only the best additives, stabilisers and anti-oxidant package. This has enabled them to create a range of covers with their own unique properties:

Solar Bubble Pool Cover 400um  BEST SELLER Helps to increase solar gains whilst reducing chemical and energy consumption.

Energy Saving Pool Cover – Is an ideal as a winter cover with properties that prevent algae growth and maintain heat.

Cool Guard Pool Cover –  SOLD OUT reflects heat from the sun helping to maintain the pools temperature at a cool level. Ideal as a winter cover.


Bubbletech will install your solar pool blanket for you. Rest easy and have the professionals take care of it. ...


A pool eyelet kit is the most effective way to connect your cover to your roller. If you have a...


The Standard Solar Pool Cover is our most effective pool cover in terms of maximum solar gain. which...


The Energy Saving swimming pool cover is an ideal winter cover. The cover material helps prevent algae growth and...