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Why Bubbletech Pool Covers?

Bubbletech swimming pool covers will help you save water, energy and reduce chemical consumption.

Not all swimming pool covers are created equal, by using a Bubbletech solar blanket there are a number of increased benefits. Bubbletech are proud supporter of Plastipacks GeoBubble™ range, a premium ‘Guard’ range of materials that a have been scientifically designed and tested to work for you; the customer.

GeoBubble™ have come up with a new design that involves swimming pool covers using two ply’s of polyethylene material instead of one, with the added bonus of pigments to colour, plus extracts and stabilizers to harden an strengthen against Australia’s intense UV (Ultra Violet) light. The suns intensity will reduce the effectiveness of the pool chemicals that are being used; however, this can be counteracted by using a Bubbletech swimming pool cover.

If we can take the time to breaking the pool cover in to layers so that you can have a more in-depth understanding of how our product works. The cover would break down as such, the bottom layer makes up 2/3rd of the material and is formed into air cells that allow the product to float on the water and insulates the pool water against colder night time air temperatures.

Save water

Water Saving Pool Cover Swimming pool covers eliminate water evaporation by over Bubbletech swimming pool covers are able to eliminate water evaporation by over 98%. This will significantly reduce your water consumption and charges that you would otherwise experience without a solar blanket, as well as saving a vital natural resource. Research was carried out in collaboration with two UK Universities showed that in the UK an average sized pool of 4 × 8m the evaporation loss is approximately 32,000 litres of water per year. This could provide you with approximately 400 baths! This figure is reserved and will be considerably higher for hotter climates and windy conditions.

An average heated swimming pool in Australia will lose almost twice its volume of water every year from evaporation and in the hotter areas even more. An average heated pool of 8m x 4m would potentially lose almost 80,000 litres of water each year if it was heated all year round.

Considering that the Bureau of Meteorology states that the average house-hold uses 280,000 liters. Although the amount of water evaporation is substantial for a pool owner, the good news is that it’s easily fixed…

Solution: Install a Bubbletech swimming pool cover!

Save energy

Energy Saving Pool Covers By using a Bubbletech swimming pool cover you can dramatically reduce your energy consumption by a whopping 50% or there about. During the day, a Bubbleteh swimming pool cover could increase your standard pool temperature by up to 8°c depending on the cover you decide is best for you, see how to qualify yourself and find the best pool cover for you;

This works by allowing the sun’s energy to pass through the cover and penetrate through the water and heating the water below and secondly, through absorbing the sun’s energy and transferring this heat through to the water by direct contact. Bubbletech swimming pool covers are also designed to retain heat in your pool at night to increase the effectiveness of your pool blanket and will also act as an insulator. This stops the cooler outside air from reducing any pool temperature benefits that you may have achieved during the day. By combining your heating timetable and your pool cover use, you can dramatically improve your heat retention as well as reduce the energy and chemical use throughout the process.

Water evaporation is by far the greatest source of energy loss for swimming pools. Water evaporation contributes up to 70% of all the heat lost. It is now clear how by having a swimming pool cover it will instantly improve your running costs and heat retention. Research in collaboration with UK universities showed that by using a swimming pool cover on an average sized UK pool, 4m x 8m, that uses a modern heat pump, you could save up to 5000 kWh of electric every year!

Save chemicals

Save Chemicals Most pool covers are able to lower the chemical consumption by up to 50%. The two main factors for this reduction, is that the swimming pool cover will prevent debris and chemical evaporation as soon as they are being used.

Debris that would normally enter your pool uses up chlorine, therefore by eliminating debris it will reduce the amount required. Stopping water evaporation also stops the evaporation of chemicals, thus allowing the chemicals in your pool to complete their full cycle. Swimming pool covers naturally decrease pool maintenance and make it easier to keep your pool water stable within industry standards. Research in collaboration with UK universities showed that by using a swimming pool cover on an average sized UK pool, 4m x 8m, up to 50% could be saved in chemical consumption, which equates to up to 8kg of chlorine!

When to use a pool cover

Bubbletech pool covers can be used all year round. Bubbletech would recommend that to achieve the most out of your solar pool cover; only remove it when you want to use the pool. This will ensure that you receive all the benefits from your Bubbletech swimming pool cover.

Environmental benefits of your cover

Bubbletech endorses GeoBubble™ technology that is custom tailored to your requirements. The amount of reduced energy to heat you pool and the reduction in water evaporation by 98%+ reduce chemical consumption and debris contamination will vastly improve your running costs. By doing this it will reduce your carbon emissions and offset any other that may have been created.

Bubbletech is also proud to be able to say, “That all Bubbletech swimming pool covers are 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly” (Grade 4 LDPE recycling). GeoBubble™ technology combined with the high performance ‘Guard’ materials will give a longer lasting cover with the highest energy and resource saving efficiencies available.


We are supported by Plastipack and/or GeoBubble™ reference website. http://www.plastipack.co.uk/


About Bubbletech

Bubbletech has been a house hold name for over 12 years. In celebration we are slashing our prices. In the past Bubbletech has gone through extensive business development and relaunch.

Bubbletech strives for the best quality and service within the industry. Bubbletech is proudly Australian owned and operated company with a local work force that specializes in plastic welding.

Bubbletech is a supplier of Plastipack Geobubble™ cover materials in Australia.

About GeoBubble™

Geobubble Pool CoversIt is a new innovative and patented swimming pool bubble cover material created through research and development by Plastipack, that is scientifically designed to improve the lifespan of the material.

GeoBubble™ is specifically developed for use in swimming pools meaning the design has multiple benefits in comparison to traditional bubble material shapes.

For more information please go visit www.geobubble.co.uk

GeoBubble™ Technology

  • Designed for the harsh Australian climate to help protect your swimming pool
  • Developed in collaboration with two UK universities by Plastipack
  • Save money, time and reduce the carbon footprint of your pool
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Helps to reduce the use of chemicals in your pool